Finances and Giving

Willow View strives to be fiscally responsible in carrying out our ministry all the while being faithfully generous.  We go beyond a tithe in our church budget by giving almost 15% of our budget to missions to help the poor around the world.  Likewise, another 8.5% of our church budget goes to local missions in reaching the disenfranchised, poor, hungry, and needy.  In order to reach out to our world and our community we have committed to not spend more than 50% of our annual budget on our current staffing.

 Willow View is able to carry out ministry and make a difference in the world through the generosity and financial support of its members. Willow View is a non-profit organization which accepts tax deductible donations. If you would like to receive a financial commitment card, make a special donation, memorial, or endowment, or would like more information please contact the church office at 580.234.4899.


E-Giving is a convenient and reliable way to fulfill your financial commitment. E-Giving is a cost efficient method of giving to the church since it reduces administrative costs and helps maintain a predictable cash flow. To use E-Giving, simply follow the instructions below.

E-Giving Instructions

E-Giving is a new way for our members to quickly manage their monthly giving and/or make a quick special contribution. Giving electronically is easy, quick, secure and can be set up in 3 Easy Steps:

1.    Click “Give Now” below

2.    Create a pro­file to manage your monthly giving

3.    Create a recurring gift or make a one-time donation



Endowment Accounts

Endowment funds are donated assets held by the church in perpetuity and invested to generate income to be spent for specific purposes outside of the general operating budget of the church. Endowment gifts can be given while the donor is still living or through the gift of one’s will.

The Willow View Endowment Committee helps oversee the endowment accounts of Willow View. In order for an endowment account to be named in honor or in memory of someone it must be a gift of $20,000 or more. The Endowment Accounts are held with the Enid Community Foundation or the Foundation of the donor’s choice. The Endowments can either be designated or non-designated. The Endowment Committee is responsible for distributing non-designated endowment funds.

 Endowments are becoming more valuable in the life of Willow View as we continue to fund ministries to reach out to our community. If you would like more information about Willow View’s endowment ministry please contact the church office at 580-234-4899.