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As I shared at Norma Jean LeGrant’s Memorial Service last Saturday, Norma Jean had a favorite prayer listed in the fly leaf of her Bible.  Several have asked about it, so I thought I’d share it here as well.  This is what she wrote, “Lord, help me live today in such a way that those who know you not, come to know you because they know me.”  Wow.  What a beautiful prayer and a genuine challenge to holy living!  Do people see Jesus in you and me?  As I mentioned Sunday, we need to look for Jesus every day.  We may find him in some unusual ways and places.  The Bible reminds us in Psalm 34:18, “He is close to the brokenhearted.”  I take great comfort in that don’t you?


Do you have a favorite prayer?  The Lord’s Prayer is of course a beloved prayer we pray together every Sunday in worship, but I’m not sure I have another written prayer that I pray on a regular basis, though I can see the value of one.  I remember a favorite Seminary Professor from Asbury who had a prayer he often prayed that I have adopted at times.  “Free me from care for myself.”  That’s always a battle isn’t’ it?   We focus too often on ourselves rather than the purposes and priorities of God. We do a pretty good job of meeting our own needs; after all we have a vested interest!  Do you have a favorite prayer?  I’d love to know!  If not, may I challenge you to consider Norma Jean’s for yourself.  “Lord, help me live today in such a way that those who know you not, come to know you because of me.”  Who can I love closer to Jesus today?


Radio and Television host Paul Harvey had a famous segment called, “The Rest of The Story.”  I remember listening to it on the radio at lunchtime when I worked for Tulsa County one summer striping roads.  I’ve entitled this Sunday’s message, “The Rest of The Story!”  Hope you’ll be present to hear it as well.  In the words of Paul Harvey, “Good Day!”


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Mark


PS – Be sure to order your new Willow View T-shirt this Sunday to support our Haiti Missions.  This is the last Sunday to pre-order.  It’s a great way to be a witness for Christ and hopefully start a good conversation too!